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North Sporades


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    We offer a 7-day Northern Sporades cruise, a green archipelago near Volos. Sail the Greek sea, the most beautiful sea in Europe, feel the warm breeze on your face, in your hair, and visit several islands in seven days - an extraordinary experience. During this unique journey, you will become aware that Odysseus, Jason and the Argonauts, the Phoenicians - the greatest sailors of ancient times, the warriors of the Persians and Slavs, and also the pirates of the Saracens once sailed those seas! You can do the same, your skipper will help. The arrangement does not include.

    TRANSPORTATION to and from Skiathos, it is up to you to arrange it. The ferry ride from Volos to Skiathos takes 2-3 hours. The skipper can change the daily sailing plan in case of bad weather.
    Day 1 - Saturday - SKIATHOS SKOPELOS (18 miles - 3 hours sailing)
    Boarding starts at 3 pm, our boat is only a hundred meters from where you left the boat. After exploring the sailboat and getting food, we go for a swim to the "Brazilian beach" on the nearby small island of Arkos. Usually a pleasant wind for sailing at this time of day so we sail east towards Skopelos Island. After a couple of hours we dock our boat in a small marina called Glossa (which in Greek means-language) and so is the village above the harbor. It is worth climbing up to it and enjoying an unforgettable view of the neighboring Skiathos.
    Day 2 - Sunday - SKOPELOS (24 miles - 2.5 hours sailing)
    Today we sail the west coast of the island, bathe on the beautiful beaches with pine trees that literally fall into the sea. We will visit two beautiful bays, Panormos and Stafilos (translated - grapes). Tonight we raise the anchor, bypassing a large cliff on the eastern tip of the island and entering the vast port and amphitheater town of Skopelos. Houses with red roofs and wooden porches decorated with colorful flowers look like they were built on top of each other to the top of the hill where the fort is located. Dinner at the Platanos or Castro Tavern, accompanied by an orchestra that plays ancient Greek music - Rembetiko.
    3. day - monday - SKOPELOS - ALONISSOS (20 miles - 2 hour sailing)
    After a morning of coffee and breakfast, we set sail to the nearby island of Alonnisos for a swim. Those who like to walk the olive groves can climb the goat path to the top of a hill dominated by the old town of Alonissos, full of antique shops and small restaurants in old stone houses. The city can also be reached by bus from the neighboring port. We sail to Vati Cove. Long sandy beach with shallow water, perfect for beach volleyball and goalkeeping parades. For gastronome there is a tavern in the olive grove.
    Day 4 - Wednesday - ALONISSOS - KIRA PANAGIA (30 miles - 5 hours sailing)
    Opposite the east coast of Alonissos is the island of Peristera (dove), with vibrant green trees and some beautiful bays where we can swim. We will stop at Stena Vala to get food and water, make phone calls because we are leaving the area without mobile telephony, shops, civilization… We sail through the canal between Peristera and Alonnisos, to Agios Dimitrios beach, reminiscent of the famous Zlatni Rat beach on the island of Brac. We then reach the uninhabited island of Pelagos (meaning sea) with two deep bays. The north is like a trap - it has a narrow entrance, only about 40 meters wide and barely five meters deep. When you set sail, a paradise cove appears before you, with unspoiled nature, steep wooded slopes and hidden small beaches. The only sounds in this "sea lake" are the occasional flapping of wild goats and the screams of seagulls. When night falls, you will see close-ups of the stars, almost at your fingertips.
    Day 5 - Thursday - KIRA PANAGIA - ALONISSOS (30 miles - 5 hours sailing)
    We depart from Kyra Panagia Cove (Virgin Mary) and sail southwest to the north of Alonissos, an area where rare Mediterranean sea bear animals breed. You'll also see their companions - dolphins! This marine area was declared a national park ten years ago because of these marine mammals. Coast Guard boats occasionally warn sailors that anchoring is forbidden and in the evening we sail to Patitiri, the main port of Alonnisos Island. We recommend a visit to the port museum, founded by Kostas and Angela Mavrikis. Stop by the Italian Gelateria for the perfect ice cream.
    Day 6 - Friday - ALONISSOS - SKIATOS (35 miles - 5 hours sailing)
    After a morning coffee in one of the many cafes on the coast, we head to the north coast of Skopelos to enjoy nature's wonder and human work, so the famous church where the movie Mama mia was made was built on top of a huge rock in the middle of the sea. We sail further to Skiathos and swim on the Brazilian beach before sailing to Skiathos.
    Day 7 - Saturday - SKIATOS
    We go for another swim at the nearby beach and unfortunately pack our bags, have a good drink and go to the ferry in hopes of enjoying our skipper again E P I L O G: After 7 days on board and sailing about 150 miles, you have gained some sailing experience, probably getting closer to the sea, learning how to behave properly in a floating apartment - a sailboat. If you have accepted all this and have not thrown any metal, plastic or glass objects into the water, the sea will welcome you as a dear guest next year. The real sea, its charm and beauty is hidden from many worldviews and accessible only to us - sailors! It is now much clearer to us why our great poet was fervently saying, "The sea, the sea is the fifth season!" Your grateful skipper