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Corfu - Zakynthos - Corfu




During these 15 days we will see all Ionian Islands (Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Meganisi...) and worship the spirits of our ancestors on the island of Vido.

Sailing in the Greek sea, the most beautiful sea in Europe, feeling the warm breeze on your face, in your hair, a boon of the sun and the sea on your skin, and visiting ten islands in two weeks - is an extraordinary experience. During this unique journey you will become aware that Odysseus, Jason and the Argonauts, the Phoenicians - the greatest sailors of ancient times, warriors Persians and Slavs, and also pirates Saracens once sailed in those seas!

Day 1 - Saturday - CORFU - VIDO - Corfu
(10 miles - 1.5 hours of sailing)
Gathering of the crew in front of the central reception in Gouvia marina, located about 5km from Corfu town. Accommodating and getting familiar with a sailboat, buying the food and drinks, and then sailing to a small island of Vido. We visit the mausoleum where most of the Serbian heroes are buried after the Albanian Calvary. We go for a swim to a nearby beach, and in the evening we go back to the marina. In the evening, we go to visit a typical Mediterranean city of Corfu. 
Day 2 - Sunday - CORFU - PAXOS
(32 miles - 5 hours of sailing)
We depart around 9 am and sail along the town, then we turn south along the coast of Corfu island. Morning swim on a beach under the green hills, then we raise anchor and sail further south to Cape Lefkimi where we swim on beaches with fine white sand. We leave the coast of Corfu in the afternoon and sail to the nearby island of Paxos. We enter the canal where a lovely little town of Gaios lies. The islet of St. Nicholas, full of pine trees, is right accross. The narrow streets are full of tourists, and tavernas offer good local wine and delicious cheese in olive oil.
Day 3 - Monday - PAXOS - LEFKAS
(30 miles - 5 hours of sailing)
We sail out early to the nearby island of Antipaxos, where we swim on a beach with the most emerald water in the Ionian archipelago! We then raise anchor and sail for a few hours towards south to the large island of Lefkas. In front of the city there's a canal with the swing bridge that lifts every hour, so we need to have a good timing. When we pass that barrier, we sail into the harbour. You can have a dinner at one of the many local restaurants, we suggest the one called "Romance", because of nice experience from the past.
Day 4 - Tuesday - along LEFKAS
(15 miles - 2.5 hours of sailing)
After morning coffee we raise anchor and sail the canal 3 miles long, dug through marine wetlands (now the shell plantations and salt pans), which divides the island Lefkas from the mainland. When we get out of the canal, we go for a swim to the closest bay, and then we raise anchor and sail south to the small, wooded islands. One of them is Skorpios, the private island that used to belong to the Onassis family. We will swim in a bay full of greenery, where Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis also swam. It is forbidden to go to the beach where she stamped her feet. We sail around Skorpios, and then we go to the nearby island of Meganissi for a swim and lunch. In the afternoon we continue to Sivota, secluded and safe bay in the south of Lefkas, a sailing paradise. Maybe Mare, a waitress from Bitola, stil works in "No problem" taverna.
Day 5 - Wednesday - LEFKAS - ITHACA
(18 miles - 3 hours of sailing)
We leave the bay and head to Meganissi, but this time into a large sea cave, where you can enjoy the beach that has never been touched by the sun rays! We raise anchor and sail south to a timbered desert island of Atokos, with only one bay called the "one-house bay". Someone built a house with a red roof in a dense forest in the back of the beach. We sail to Ithaca and we swim in the bay Skini where the skipper will tell you an interesting sailing story related to it. Towards evening we sail to Vathi, the capital of Ithaca.
Day 6 - Thursday - ITHACA - KEFALONIA
(17 miles - 3 hours of sailing)
We depart early and swim in the nearest bay, beneath the high cliff. Then we raise anchor and sail north, we pass the canal between Kefalonia and Ithaka. After about an hour and a half of sailing, we reach the Polis Bay, the Ithaca port. Archaeological excavations were done in the inland of the bay and pottery from the Mycenaean period was found, with an inscription in Greek language - “Efhin Odyssei”. We climb to Stavros, a village on a hill, where, according to legend, was the Odysseus' palace where faithful Penelope waited for him for twenty years! There is a bronze bust in a park, of a hairy and a bit grumpy warrior and sailor. He has a serious look, but don't be afraid, hug him and take a picture with him. He'll be pleased! Have a drink for his soul and the souls of all sailors of the world in one of the nearby tavernas! We walk down to the bay, raise anchor and move to the nearby island of Kefalonia. We sail into Fiskardo, a new sailing paradise. Marina is full of white ships and boats, and tavernas. The facades of houses are painted in vivid colors, mixed with bougainvillea and muscat flowers. Walk along the avenue of giant ficus trees!
Day 7 - Friday - along KEFALONIA
(about 15 miles - 2.5 hours of sailing)
It is always difficult to leave Fiskardo, there are many good memories. When we depart, your skipper will tell you a story about a local restaurant owner and film legend Peter O'Toole. We sail along dense forests with hidden beaches, where we will be alone. Around noon we arrive to the Sami town marina. We suggest a short trip to Melissani cave, where you will be able to enjoy a gondola ride on the pond, and occasionally see the sun above you, since the ceiling of the cave is partially rotten. We raise anchor and sail to a beautiful beach Antisami, where the "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" was filmed. Late in the afternoon we sail south to the town of Poros, located at the foot of a high cliff.
Day 8 - Saturday - KEFALONIA - ZAKYNTHOS
(24 miles - 4 hours of sailing)
Today we sail to the southernmost of the Ionian islands, Zakynthos. We sail past the South East coast of Kefalonia, to Cape Mounda, when we see the first outlines of Zakynthos, the Flower of the Orient, as the Venetians called it. The controversial English poet, Lord Byron, spent the last ten years of his life in the Ionian Islands. In the afternoon we arrive in the grand port of Zakynthos, a town with about twenty thousand inhabitants. The whole city was destroyed in catastrophic earthquake in 1953, yet it rose from its ashes like a phoenix. At the largest square covered with palm trees and flowering bougainvillea, there is a monument to a great Greek poet Dionysios Solomos, whose patriotic poem, written 190 years ago, is a Greek national anthem. There is a big church in the harbour, whose bell tower is a copy of the famous one outside the St.Mark Cathedral in Venice. In the evening, we go to the Bohali hill above the town, with a large fortress, surrounded by tavernas with live music, something you should not miss.
(14 miles – 2.5 hours of sailing)
We depart after the first coffee and filling up the fridges. We turn to Skinari, the most northerly tip of Zakynthos island, with the arcades, the natural tunnels, rocks hollowed by the sea, through which you can take a swim or pass with a dinghy. Some fifteen years ago, we saw a seal and made a photo, but due the excitement the image was blurry and it looked like the famous Loch Ness! If we meet it again, don't be afraid, it likes to play with clumsy people. After you visit the Blue Cave, and have a nice swim, we go to a nearby small fishing village of Agios Nikolaos. Dinner at one of the tavernas on the beach. Remind us to tell you exciting story about an acquaintance, a lighthouse keeper, Dionysios Marinatos.
(25 miles - 4 hours of sailing)
Still enthralled with tranquility and colours of the sea and the forests around us, we raise anchor and sail west to the famous Navagio (Shipwreck) Beach! What you'll see is one of the most common motifs in Greek calendars, posters and tourist brochures. The beach with the whitest sand and pebble, is surrounded by the high cliffs, and it can be reached only by sea.
What will attract your attention, is a merchant ship which found its resting place in the middle of the white. Antique eroded by sea and sun, leaning to one side and half full of sand. It is said that it was wrecked thirty years ago, probably while carrying contraband cigarettes and being chased by the Greek Navy. Not even the name Panagiotis helped - "Παν" (all) "αγιὡτης" (holy or saint). After enjoying on the famous beach, we raise anchor and sail towards Kefalonia. After three hours of sailing, we arrive into a deep Gulf of Argostoli, the capital and administrative centre of the island. The town is surrounded by pine trees. It has a large square with palm trees and old Venetian style buildings.
Day 11 - Tuesday - ARGOSTOLI - ASOS
(24 miles - 4 hours of sailing)
Today we sail along the west coast of Kefalonia, along sandy beaches, with many vineyards and olive groves above them. We pass by the tall Gerogombos lighthouse tower, whose light I sought for while sailing during night from Sicily to Greece. In the afternoon we arrive at Myrtos, the most beautiful beach of the island, where the love scenes from the "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" (Penelope Cruz and Nicolas Cage) were filmed. We swim in the milky turquoise sea of this wonderful beach, and then we raise anchor and sail to a nearby hidden cove of a charming village of Assos.
Day 12 - Wednesday - KEFALONIA - LEFKAS
(25 miles - 4 hours of sailing)
We depart early and go for a swim in the nearby wild beach under the cliff. We raise anchor and sail north to the island of Lefkas. The nearest Cape Lefkatas is an intense landscape of huge white rocks. Lefkada or Lefkas island was named after it (Greek: Λευκό, meaning "white"). If you ask the locals, they will tell you another name - "Kavos tis Kyras" (The Lady's Cape). It is the place where Sappho, the famous Greek poetess, choose to commit suicide flinging herself from the cliff. She was born in Lesbos some time between 630 and 612 BC. She was exiled because of political activities, and spent that time in Sicily. In the early evening we arrive in port of Nidri.
Day 13 - Thursday - LEFKAS - PAXOS
(38 miles - 6 hours of sailing)
We close our sailing circle here, and now we return the same way we sailed to Lefkas. Towards evening the pretty island of Paxos, which we already visited, is in front of us.
Day 14 – Friday – PAXOS – CORFU
(32 miles – 5 hours of sailing)
We depart and sail to the town of Corfu and Gouvia marina. On that route, we occasionally stop and swim.
Day 15 - Saturday - CORFU
After breakfast, we pack things and have a farewell drink ("For a safe trip and future sailings") - and we disebark.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Skipper can change daily plan of sailing, in case of bad weather conditions.