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Sailing School

What we all wanted when we were little was to be big men doing big things and to have adventures that would be unique just for us. We all wanted to become astronauts, firefighters, treasure hunters, heroes, captains of white ship. Our sailing school gives you opportunity to reawaken the child in you and to accomplish your dream to be a captain.

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Our sailing school is unique sailing school where even the beginners will have a chance that with laughter and cozy atmosphere assimilated needed knowledge. Be it may that you have no idea about anything sailing related, that you were afraid to sail away from pearly coasts up to the dark blue depths of the sea or that you never had a chance to learn, our instructors will fill your mind with all needed knowledge and help you conquer all fears and doubts that you might have.

And believe us that once all doubts, fears and confusions are cast away you will understand that sailing is something most beautiful in the world. Quoting our beloved captain Mrs. Rajna Stojkovic „my first love was skiing, but then I found out about sailing...“.

kurs jedrenja

Our School of sailing will fill you in on all related sailing matter, starting from theoretical basics and slowly leading you into the adventure of sailing, giving you book and leaving you with a steady grip at the helm.

Learn what is the port, why is boom named such, but what is most important how to enjoy and fish tuna’s, plus many other useful and fun facts that can be learned only in our sailing school.

Skipper school will make you love saiing, make you love the sea and never wish to go away from it’s grasp, because when you hear about the love that our teachers hold for sailing and sailing school you will be captivated in soothing and cheerful atmosphere where learning isn’t an obligation, but rediscovering long lost link with the dream that will become reality.

kurs jedrenja

Nowhere will you find a skipper school more reliable and cheaper than ours, and what is more important, nowhere will you find a skipper school where you will meet such a good friends like you would at ours. Friendship and cozy atmosphere are key factors for our sailing school and we want you to notice all beautiful aspects of sailing, from socializing and relaxing, up to conquering Poseidon’s territories while you go into one more adventure that could be only told in Ancient Greece.

kurs jedrenja

Be a captain of your own white ship, come with our captain school into new adventure on beautiful sails while we master new skills that will bring you new joy in life. Join our club and become excellent skippers with our skipper school. Become a captain of a ship and master skills that tomorrow you can cash in. Best of you might become part of our team and join us for good.

Theoretical work

Price for ur skipper school with 40 hours of theory and 7 day of practical training on the sailing boat is 600e. Greek international licence valid for sailing boat up to 56 feet you can get for 300e


Theoretical work at club is negotiable with candidates. For seven days we will sail the Greek sea’s on our sailers and practice next skills.
  1. Safety on ship and sea
  2. Sailing preparation
  3. Cruise plan
  4. GPS navigation
  5. Navigation
  6. Night navigation
  7. Sailing by course
  8. Meteorology
  9. Man in sea
  10. Sailing out
  11. Sailing radio service
  12. VHF
    1. Basic preparation for establishing contact
    2. Special preparation
    3. Distress
    4. Urgency
    5. Safety
    6. Radio etiquette
  13. Basic motor skills