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About Us

The organiser of these beautiful trips is Maritime llc.
We sail on our own sailboats Bavaria 37 , Bavaria 50 and Lagoon450 f 

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Excitement - wind is running the sailboat that leans over to one side, you're sailing and all you can hear is the roar of the waves. If you want to take an active part in sailing, your skipper will teach you how to become a helpful member of the crew and enjoy working in our team! Besides gaining new practice and skills, it will suit your body and it's a lot more fun than exercising! You may experience sailing in strong winds and rough sea, but it's all the magic of sailing!

Relaxation – sailing trips can be very relaxing, you can regain all the energy you expended throughout the year. Here are some hedonic measures that could be applied:

Morning – get on the bow, jump into the water, enjoy your coffee and breakfast after a morning swim, while still anchored in a secluded cove...

Afternoon - while sailing, lie on the bow, listen to your favorite music, take a sip of your cold drink, watch the sea ... Your job and obligations will be hundreds of nautical miles away from you...

Evening – go for a night swim while thousands of stars shine above you... When you get bored of romance, join others and hang out in the cockpit of our sailboat...

In touch with nature – experiencing the sea in the morning, afternoon and evening, enjoying its various faces and colours. Only when you spend all day on the water, you will realize how impoverished your impression of the sea had been before you went sailing.

Commodity - it's nice to be in nature, but you don't want to give up commodity. And there's no need for that, because you will have a nice sleeping cabin on our sailboat, a bathroom with shower and hot water, fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare meals. When our sailboat is in a marina, a portable AC can be used, you can watch TV, connect your laptop... When you change the place of your stay, you don't have to worry about things - your accommodation and beautiful beaches are sailing with you!

Variety - our guests mostly praise sailing because it gives them a sense of freedom and choice. You can arrange the navigation route with your skipper, can stay longer at some place and have a short stay somewhere else, visit a different destination every day. You can spend a morning sailing or swimming in a beautiful bay, visit a town or island in the afternoon, and enjoy your evening in a bar, disco, a restaurant on the shore, or just have fun while being anchored in a calm, protected bay.

Safety - all sailboats have the required navigation and safety equipment. Our experienced skippers with many nautical miles under their belt have sailed across different seas and gained skills working on yacht charters. They'll take you to interesting places and be your guides, and will also take responsibility for your safety during sailing.
How much can a sailing holiday cost - price for this kind of holiday is not much different from the cost of staying at a mid-range hotel or in a private accommodation, especially when you take into account all the additional costs for excursions, rent-a-car, beach bars etc.

The price depends on the type of a sailboat, number of crew members who share all costs and the time of your booking. We have discounts and special first minute offers for sailing tours. Do not hesitate to contact us, use the chance and get the best deals for your trip.

Accommodation details
All sailboats have navigation and safety equipment, bathrooms with hot water, central lounge and well equiped kitchen area with refrigerator, gas stove and oven.

There is a folding table in a cockpit and bimini top that can be stretched. All boats have a CD player, and some have speakers in the cockpit.

There is a dinghy available for the crew to row it to shore if the sailboat is moored in a bay.

Overnight stay
Sleeping aboard the sailboat at a marina or in one of the safe bays.

Food can be prepared on board. The main food supply is done prior to departure and the perishable food can be bought every other day in quantities that can be used before they go bad. If you are sailing with a skipper, you should provide him with food sharing costs with other crew members or take him with you should you decide to eat out in a restaurant.

Rental fee for boat refers to a weekly rental of boats and does not include additional charges.
Number of persons who rent a boat does not affect the rental price.

What to bring on sailing:
- Light soled shoes, wundproof jacket, track suit, thick sweatshirt (no matter which month you're sailing), non-oily sunscreen (so that you don't slide), good sunglasses, towels.
- Specific medicines, that can not be foun in the ordinary sailboat pharmacy.
- Your belongings should be packed in a soft bag, not suitcases or backpacks with bars because there is no room for those in the cabin.